Galya Popova News Page
  • (12.03.2017)  14- 17 of April 2017 artworks by Galya Popova will be represented on Taiwan International Art Fair “Art Revolution Taipei
  • (12.03.2017) Starting from 2017 Galya Popova´s paintings are represented  also in Malaysia gallery V’Art Space.
  • The book “Die Erschliessung des Meeres” by Marco Grosse, with Galya Popova’s illustrations , has been published in Publishing House “Moloko Print” (Germany), April- 2016.
  • “A School For Fools” by Sasha Sokolov  with  illustrations by Galya Popova was published in Publishing House “Timas” (Turkey), March-2016.
  • Galya Popova`s personal  painting exhibition “Hinter dem Spiegel” in Gallery Mutare (Berlin) –  from 27 of February 2016 till 24 of April 2016.
  • 22- 25 of April 2016  artworks by Galya Popova were represented on Taiwan International Art Fair “Art Revolution Taipei
  • 12 – 15 of February 2016 paintings by Galya Popova were exposed by Gall’Art Roma at Arte Genova (Italy)
  • Paintings by  Galya Popova were exposed  in Kulturzentrum Altes Rathaus- Bonn /Oberkassel from 28.11.2015 till 08.01.2016.
  • Galya Popova will take part in art event in IROK Galerie (Netherlands) 8th of November 2015. From 11 till 16 pm.
  • From 10 July 2015 starts the expositon of Galya Popova´s paintings in gallery IROK (Netherlands)
  • Virtual gallery of the exhibition ITINERA in Rome, where Galya Popova took part,  is represented at
  • A graphic work by Galya Popova was selected for the Festival of illustration  RATATA in Italy.
  • 18-29 of April 2015   paintings  by Galya Popova were exposed  in the International Art exhibition “ITINERA”  in Rome, Italy  (Complesso Monumentale dei Dioscuri al Quirinale, Via Piacenza 1 )
  • 14-17 of November 2014 paintings by Galya Popova were exposed by Gall’Art Roma gallery at Padova Art Fair  (Italy)
  • Galya Popova’s painting received a special prize (“artisti premiati”) of competition SaturARTE 2014 (19° Concorso Nazionale d’Arte Contemporanea in Genova (Italy) .
  • Galya Popova’s painting received a special prize of competition Satura International Art Contest (Genova, Italy)
  • In February 2014 Galya Popova’s paintings were exposed by Gall’Art Roma at Genova Art Fair (Italy)
  • TV program “Books on the rain” about new edition of “A School For Fools” by Sasha Sokolov with  illustrations by Galya Popova.